Wedding Menu 4

Hog Roast London Staff to Serve Your Reception Drink

Canapés – Served As Your Guests Arrive
~ Choose Five ~

Handmade Gourmet Sausage
~ Served In A Wholegrain Glaze ~

Mini Pizza (V)
~ Freshly Made Mini Pizzas. With Cracked Black Pepper And Tuscan Olive Oil ~

Fillet Of Beef
~ Lightly Grilled Fillet Of Beef In Yorkshire Puddings. Served With A Horseradish Cream ~

Smoked Salmon
~ With Cracked Black Pepper And Lemon. On Fresh Brown Bread ~

Halloumi Kebabs (V)
~ Griddled Chunks Of Greek Halloumi Cheese. Skewered With Caramelized Onions ~

Pate En Croute
~ Smooth Brussels Pate Piped On To Garlic Croutons ~

Mini Quiche (V)
~ A Variety Of Fresh Fillings In Delicate Pastry Bases ~

Indian Selection (V)
~ Freshly Made Selection Of Mini Indian Delights ~

Chicken Satay
~ Malaysian Inspired Chicken. Served Skewered ~

Duck Wraps
~ Oriental Duck, Prepared With Beansprouts And Ginger. In A Light, Bite sized Wrap ~

~ To Start ~
Choose One Plated Starter Served To Tables:

Smoked Salmon
~ Finest Smoked Salmon Served On A Bed Of Dressed Endive Leaves. With Atlantic Prawns, Avocado and A Dill Dressing ~

Parma Ham
~ Exceptional Parma Ham. Served On A New Potato Salad With A Walnut And Apricot Dressing ~

Freshly Made Soup
~ Homemade Soup Served Piping Hot. With Fresh Cream And A crusty Roll ~

Salade Nicoise
~ Classic French Salad, Comprising Of Tuna, Olives, New Potatoes And Cherry Tomatoes. Served With A Home-Made Vinaigrette ~
~ For The Main Course ~
Please Choose Two Meat Options:

Spit Roasted Ethically Sourced Pig
~ A Whole Spit Roasted Pig Roasted Slowly Over Flames. Carved And Served By Our Professional Chefs. Served With Freshly Made Apple Sauce, Home Made Sage And Onion Stuffing And Professionally Presented Crackling ~
~ Or ~

Whole Roasted Ethically Sourced Spring Lamb
~ Slowly Spit Roasted Over Flames And Draped With Fresh Rosemary. Sumptuous Aromas And Incredible Flavour. Served With Yorkshire Puddings And A Dill Sauce~
~ Or ~

Whole Spit Roasted Chickens
~ Roasted Whole To Perfection. Served Golden And Moist. With Freshly Made Sage And Onion Stuffing. Served With Chipolata Sausages ~
~ Or ~

Roast Sirloin Of Prime Beef
Whole Roasted Sirloins Of Sumptuous Beef. Prepared Over Flames To Your Liking. Served With Yorkshire Puddings And Red Wine Gravy ~
~ Or ~

Whole Spit Roasted Turkeys
~ Fresh Turkeys Spit Roasted Whole Over Flames. Moist And Delicious. Served With Fresh Cranberry Sauce, With Home Made Sage And Onion Stuffing ~

~ Including ~

Freshly Made Vegetarian Option

~ All The Above Served With Crusty Bread Rolls And A selection Of Sauces ~

Please Select Either Three Salads Or Seasonal Vegetables:

Freshly Made Salads:

Tomato And Mozzarella Salad
~ Well Sourced Beef Tomatoes, Sliced And Interspersed With Hand-Torn Buffalo Mozzarella. Drizzled With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Seasoned With Rock Salt, Cracked Black Pepper And Hand Torn Basil. Adding Colour And A Vibrant Flavour ~

Spring Green Leaf Salad
~ A Mixture Of Freshly Sourced Spring Leaves. Including Lambs Leaves, Curly Endive And Lollo Rosso. With Spring Onions. Hand-Dressed By Our Chefs ~

Home Made Gourmet Coleslaw
~ The Perfect Accompaniment. Combining Texture, Colour And A Zesty Depth Of Flavour ~

Chef’s Own Pasta Salad
~ A Freshly Made Pasta Dish With Mixed Roasted Vegetables. Seasoned With Black Pepper To Provide An Excellent Side Dish ~

Classic Caesar Salad
~A Continental Favourite. Made Using Crisp Cos Lettuce, Anchovies And Ciabatta Croutons. With Sliced Parmigiano And Our Own Dressing ~

Crispy Thai Salad
~ A Sumptuous Salad Unique To Us. Comprising Spring Green Leaves, Beansprouts And A Sesame Oil Dressing ~

~ Or ~

Seasonal Vegetables
~ A Selection Of Finely Sourced Vegetables – Prepared With Precision ~

Please Choose One Potato Option:

New Potatoes
~ Tossed In A Herb Butter. Served Warm ~

Roasted Potatoes
~ Roasted Until Golden. Prepared With Fresh Rosemary And Garlic ~

Followed By;

~ A Choice Of Two Of The Following Desserts ~
Served Plated And To Tables

~ Individually Made Choux Pastry Buns, Filled With Cream And Smothered In A Rich Chocolate Sauce ~

Chocolate Torte
~ Handmade, Individual Dark Chocolate Tortes. Rich, With A Light And Crunchy Base ~

Sticky Toffee Pudding
~ A Classic Favourite, Made To A Traditional Recipe ~

Tarte Au Citron
~ A Continental Favourite. Light And Refreshing, Served With Berries And A Fresh Fruit Coulis ~

~ Handmade Individual Cheesecakes, With A Refreshing Filling Set On A Crunchy Biscuit Base ~

Fresh Fruit Salad
~ A Refreshing Dessert Of Seasonal Fruit Smothered In Their Own Juices ~

~ The Menu Includes Serving Tables, China Crockery And High Quality Cutlery. With High Quality Disposable Napkins ~

Followed By;

Wedding Cake
(Provided By You)

~ Your Wedding Cake Served On A Plate With Ripe Berries And A Coulis Of Summer Fruits. With Fresh English Cream ~

This Service Includes:

Skilled Hog Roast London Staff To Roast Your Meat At Your Venue.

Gazebos Which We Roast And Serve Under (Should The Weather Or Yourselves Require It)

Main Course To Be Served As A Buffet; Hog Roast London Chefs To Carve Meats Whilst Waiting Staff Serve The Accompanying Dishes To Your Guests

A Serving Table Laid With Crisp, White Linen

Tables To Be Laid With Crockery, Cutlery And Napkins

Wedding Cake To Be Served On A Laid Serving Table

Any Left-Over Meat To Be Either Carved And Served On A Platter, Or To Be Disposed Of

All Refuse To Be Discretely Removed And Disposed Of Off Site For Your Convenience.