Another Week of Delicious Dining at Hog Roast Golder Green In February

Hog Roast Golder GreenFrom romantic valentines’ dinners to staff lunches and party portions, it has been yet another week of rollercoaster events for the whole Hog Roast Golder Green team, so we thought we might let you know about just a couple of them and how our team has been hard at work.

Monday and Tuesday saw the week beginning with a majority of valentines events, both intimate small events between couples and some larger events where the love was shared for all. As ever, whether for a big group or just a couple young in love our hog roast proved to be a winner. The beauty of any roast is that it is always quite easy to scale up and down. Smaller events take smaller pigs and less accompanying dishes, whereas with the larger events we just bring in our bigger hogs or add more than one along with more accompanying side dishes.

The love wasn’t constricted to just Monday and Tuesday at Hog Roast Golder Green though, nor was it constricted to merely romantic events as a business partner of ours called us in to provide a quick staff lunch to her team on Wednesday. This was a straightforward lunch of pulled pork rolls and accompanying salad and roast potatoes with our gluten free rolls and wraps. It’s certainly an upgrade on your supermarket meal deals and helped to break up the work week for our client’s team as they eased off some steam for an hour with us. This is just a small taster of the type of corporate catering that Hog Roast Golder Green can give to our business partners, both local and large, as our corporate catering can come at much larger and more complex scales.

Hog Roast Golder GreenAnother stand out event was a 45th birthday catered by the Hog Roast Golder Green team. Held at a local event hall our team supplemented the day with a delicious buffet dinner of roast foods and many meaty and veggie sides and accompaniments. Birthday cake was also served with our very own fresh cream and berries. For the party to go long into the night too the Hog Roast Golder Green also provided a quick refuelling of another roll and filling buffet later into the evening before we headed out again to let the party dance away into the night.

More events, more dining, just the way Hog Roast Golder Green likes it!