Book In Your Halloween Events With Hog Roast Mayfair Now!

Summer is gone, which means it is time to look ahead to one of our favourite times of the year at Hog Roast Mayfair: Halloween spooky season!

Yes, we know. The seasonal holiday creep does seem to get earlier and earlier, and we at Hog Roast Mayfair are by no means suggesting that you should start your Halloween celebrations right now, but as a caterer that often has full bookings around seasonal events we know that if you want any chance at getting high quality catering for your Halloween parties then it is best to get on the line sooner rather than later. It’ll be much easier for both you and us if you start your event planning now, that way we can ensure you a spot come October and get all of your menus and services planned and straightened out well in advance. If nothing else it’ll also give you more time later to plan out that perfect spooky costume that you’ve always wanted to wear!

Hog Roast MayfairWith a whole hog roast available for your Halloween event, Hog Roast Mayfair has a perfectly spooky menu ready to give your night a fright! But there’ll be no fear to be had of lengthy bills and extravagant pricing, however, as Hog Roast Mayfair always ensures there are no tricks and only treats when it comes to our services. We offer fair and flexible pricing that doesn’t block you from quality even at lower budgets, allowing you to just get the foods and services you deserve.

Come the day of your Halloween event our witches – er, I mean, chefs – will have our cauldrons bubbling and brewing nice and early so that our magical foods are ready as fresh as possible come dining time. Your guests may even wish to watch as we put the finishing touches on our perfect golden roast and our freshly prepared accompaniments. Again they’ll see that there are only treats in store for them as we hand make everything at your event!

So, take a bite today with Hog Roast Mayfair’s Halloween event catering by calling now!