Hog Roast Chiswick- Catering For A Cosy Housewarming!

After weeks of carrying out messy renovations, living out of cardboard boxes and running themselves ragged between commitments to their jobs, families and important repair work, Neil and Lisa had finally finished turning their newly-bought house into a home.

Hog Roast ChiswickWhile they’ve still got a long way to go before the place mirrors the end vision they have been dreaming of ever since they started on the stressful path to becoming property owners, the pair were so relieved to have gotten so much done in such a short space of time, and knowing that their friends and family were desperate to see the results too, the couple decided to plan an intimate and informal house-warming party by way of celebration.

The couple invited 15 guests to their home on Friday night, and among the group who attended were some children and elderly relatives, which meant Neil and Lisa needed to accommodate a variety of palates. This seemed like a job for Hog Roast Chiswick, so the pair called up our team and asked if we could provide something suitable for the occasion.

With a diversified portfolio of outstanding food options, Hog Roast Chiswick was confident that we had the perfect meal plan for this event. Sure enough, our caterers wowed Neil and Lisa with the suggestion of our Alfresco Menu (with some minor tweaks)!

Hog Roast ChiswickWhile this gorgeous spread is designed for outdoor services, it’s equally perfect for indoor celebrations, and it checked virtually all of Neil and Lisa’s boxes. Instead of cooking a whole pig, though, our team had opted to serve a slow-roasted pork butt, which had more than enough meat to feed all of the adults. As always, there was crackling, stuffing, coleslaw and plenty of salad options for the guests to sink their teeth into, as well. As for the kids, Hog Roast Chiswick prepared our gourmet sausages, which were served on wholemeal rolls.

Completing this stunning menu, Hog Roast Chiswick rustled up a charcuterie board, which included meats, cheeses and plenty of crusty bread options. Our profiteroles and cheesecake desserts were the cherries on top of this gorgeous meal plan, which all of the guests adored!