Hog Roast Hanwell for a Street Party Send Off!

Jeff and Rita had been living on the same street for 20 years and their neighbours had become like an extended second family to them. But with the kids all grown up and moved away and Jeff newly retired, the couple made the difficult decision to move on to pastures new and relocate closer to their children and grand-kids. All of their neighbours were devastated that they were leaving, as the street would never be the same without them, and they all decided the couple deserved a memorable send-off. Whilst Jeff’s neighbourhood barbeques were apparently the stuff of legend, his friends thought he should have the night off to enjoy their final gathering, so they hired Hog Roast Hanwell to do the honours! They chose us because they had heard great things about our own legendary slow roasted meat and also because of our budget friendly, yet fantastic quality food and our ability to set up shop on the street without taking up too much room with our streamlined equipment!

Jeff and Rita were thrilled with the lovely gesture and loved everyone being together on their beloved street as they all chatted and worked up an appetite as they watched the intriguing cooking process through our glass-fronted Hogmaster machine. They all thought Hog Roast Hanwell’s sociable way of cooking was incredibly befitting to the occasion and rather than being sad at the imminent departure of their friends, it became a celebration of all the wonderful memories they had shared over the years.

The atmosphere became even more jubilant when we served our succulent slow-roasted pork, smooth, sweet apple sauce and of course our piece de resistance- the crispiest crackling any of our diners had ever tasted! Jeff conceded that the it was vastly superior to his usual fare, however much of a barbeque king he is! They also appreciated our style of service and enjoyed our friendly team getting involved, especially when the chef put down his carving knife and showed off his other talent for photography by volunteering to take a group photo of the entire street! Although Jeff and Rita will be bidding all of their neighbours a very reluctant farewell, they are excited about the new chapter of their lives, and thanked the Hog Roast Hanwell team for making their send off an experience they would never forget!