Hog Roast Kingston Upon Thames – Grow Your Brand with Fun Social Content!

Hog Roast Kingston Upon ThamesRunning a business in the modern age more or less demands a certain level of knowledge and comfortability with social media channels and the internet. Whether you love it or loathe it, social media is where the vast majority of your potential customers are going to be found. And that goes for just about any business, including Hog Roast Kingston Upon Thames.

As an independent business start-up ourselves, we at Hog Roast Kingston Upon Thames began well over several decades ago when social media was not a thing. We grew more through word of mouth, flyers, newspapers ads and the like then, but now all of that old style of marketing is condensed down into the social media. Word of mouth is done through online channels; the newspaper ad and flyers is now blog posts, Instagram reels, TikTok content, twitter posts and so on. You can reach thousands, if not millions of potential customers, all from your own desk or phone, and with just a few fairly simple clicks.

When approaching online marketing, you then have to consider what it is your business does, and how that service or product can best be utilised and advertised in an online space. As a caterer, Hog Roast Kingston Upon Thames has a distinct advantage in that we can easily use images and videos of our foods to promote our brand online. Food content is massive on places like Instagram, and with our particular style of cooking we can easily make extremely eye-catching content that immediately hooks in the customer and leaves them wanting more and asking where they can get their hands on that great golden bronze hog roast they saw in an Instagram video. Once we’ve shown them the base version of our product – i.e. our foods – we can then hook them with our services too, as once they come looking for where the food exists they find that there is a whole catering service behind it all that they can hire at any time for an event. It’s a simple formula when you break it down: show people something you know they’ll like the look of, and then once you have their attention give them all the information they previously didn’t know they wanted.