Take Advantage Of The Hog Roast Edgware Machine Hire Service

Alongside Hog Roast Edgware’s catering side of our business, we also build and sell our very own hog roasting machine designs. After being in the hog roasting business for over a decade now we have become the UKs leading hog roast catering company and the number one hog roasting machines manufacturers. We believe that as we actively use our machines on a daily basis we know exactly what works and what does not meaning we are able to consistently update our designs all in the aim of making things as easy as possible for the hog roast chef.

Hog Roast EdgwareOne of the benefits of Hog Roast Edgware creating our own machines is that when we cater at events and people ask us how they can cook their own hog roast we are able to give them the perfect answer. They can hire one of the very same machines from Hog Roast Edgware and use it to create delicious roasts of their own.

That is exactly what happened last week as we were contacted by Steve who had sampled our Hog Roast Edgware food at a family wedding a few weeks prior. Steve had always had a keen interest in cooking but had never taken on such a large task as cooking a hog roast and so was eager to give it a try. Steve made a visit to our factory where all of our machines are built and picked out the Hogmaster to hire for a week and get his first hog roasting experience.

The Hogmaster is actually one of our original designs and is still our go to machine for a standard hog roast. Durable and with an intuitive design it is also perfect for the novice caterer. We gave Steve a course in how to use it before sending him away with a fresh batch of produce and a couple of recipes to get him started…