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Over the years Hog Roast Dartford, we have provided catering to all sorts of events. We’ve had big birthday bashes, relaxed garden BBQs, intimate formal meals, lavish corporate events, spectacular weddings, tasteful christenings and school fayres. Whether your event is indoor or outdoor, big or small, a Hog Roast can be the perfect addition that can turn an otherwise ordinary event into a memorable one. One woman who realised this herself was Ria.

Hog Roast Dartford

Ria is part of political organisation that are hoping to launch a brigade to go to Cuba and study the socialist system that the North American country has in place. As part of a fundraising effort, Ria’s organisation had organised a film festival, showing educational documentaries about the country, as well as a biopic of Che Guevara, and they hired us to provide a Hog Roast, with options for vegetarians, in order to try and tempt more guests to attend.

The Hog was to be served throughout the day at the Guests’ leisure, and so our chef from Hog Roast Dartford was on site nice and early to prepare the meat. Meanwhile our catering assistant lent a hand in setting up chairs in the viewing room for the film showings later on. When twelve o’clock came guests began to arrive and immediately the smell of our Hog roasting drew some attention. The crackling had roasted to a wonderfully golden hue, and our chef served our famous pigs in buns to the eager crowd.

Our chef and catering assistant were lucky enough to be able to sit in on the films that were being shown and got to learn some fascinating insights into the efforts of the Cuban people to build a fair society free of hate and discrimination. The guests were served in between the films, with some electing for the vegetarian option of the whole Roast Salmon.

As the last film aired, our team from Hog Roast Dartford discreetly tidied away their mess and left their guests to enjoy the rest of their festival. They thanked us for a wonderful job, and we wished them luck in their fundraising efforts.