Annual Company Party – Hog Roast Epsom

I contacted Hog Roast Epsom for the annual Christmas party that I host for all the staff at my printing company. It’s a great time of year where we can all relieve a bit of stress and tuck in to a luxury hog and buffet to celebrate. I’m a perfectionist, and because of this I always rely on Hog Roast Epsom to prepare the best quality food and that comes with the most fantastic service; they never fail to impress.

The event was on a Saturday evening, but the catering staff from Hog Roast Epsom came early afternoon as they are always fully prepared. As soon as they got here I told them where to set up and they got to work straight away, with the most professional manner. Being a regular customer I can say that they are very committed to their work and they get better and better every year. I don’t think I would hire from anywhere else.

As the guests started to arrive I could see the instant excitement on their faces, everyone had been talking and wondering for weeks what kind of spread I requested for them all. They’re all extreme fans of the food from Hog Roast Epsom. Everyone was rubbing their hands together eagerly whilst waiting in the queue for their food, and when people began to eat the food was devoured in seconds, with people coming back for second and even a third plate full. It was a huge success, and people were again more than satisfied, with compliments about the stunning presentation and the sensational flavours, I thought the staff of Hog Roast Epsom should be more than proud.

When the party was coming to a close, the catering team began packing up their things and cleaning the whole area leaving my colleagues and I to enjoy the rest of our night in a clean and stress free environment.