Hog Roast Welling – 18th Birthday!

We are very proud to serve the UK with the finest Hog Roast Welling food there is! For over thirty years we have been doing just that and have built up an amazing reputation in the catering field and have customers who have been with us from the very start. One of those customers Jill booked us last weekend for a birthday party she was hosting for her youngest son Tim. Tim was turning 18 and he loves our Hog Roast Welling food so she thought it appropriate that we were there and catering for his special day. When we arrived we met Tim and we were all stunned how he had grown for the last time we had seen him he said he was super excited for all his college friends to taste our food as he had been singing our praises for weeks! So with no time to waste we began. We placed lots of chicken on our large machine and lots of potatoes on the smaller catering for 150 teens we knew they would be a hungry bunch so we came well prepared. As the food cooked we dressed the table adding baskets of wraps and bread buns, lots of small appetizers and pastries. We then set about chopping the huge mountain of lettuce cucumber and tomatoes and placing the salads in bowls and drizzling them in salad dressings.

We placed a large poached salmon on the centre of the table beautifully dressed in salad. As the guests arrived they we all intrigued at the sight of the tables and all keen to have some Hog Roast Welling food. We removed the chickens from the machine the smell was out of this world the guests all commented on how moist and tender the chicken tasted. The potatoes were filled with fillings such as cheese and onion and tuna and sweet corn and a spicy curry flavour. Everyone was having a good time and Tim said to us we had excelled! We were happy to hear that and he had an amazing 18th birthday and we were very honoured to be part of his big day.


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