Coronation Street Themed Party Catering With Hog Roast Peckham

Hog Roast Peckham often caters themed parties, whether it’s a Game of Thrones viewing event, a fancy dress party or a kids’ pirates party, or something altogether unique, and over the weekend, we catered our first ever Coronation Street themed party.

Hog Roast PeckhamWhatever kind of party or event you’re thinking of organising, our food is more than suitable, as despite our name, we don’t just cook hog roasts. Hog roasts are, of course, our fabulous speciality that we have perfected over many years, but we also cook spit-roasted beef, lamb, turkey and chicken, barbecue burgers, sausages and ribs and we even devise menus with multiple courses which are often preceded by canapés and a drinks service. Whatever you have in mind, Hog Roast Peckham is the number one choice.

Nevertheless, when you are planning a special occasion that you’d like catering, you might find yourself in need of more than additional options – you may need alternative dishes, to make sure that dietary requirements are met. Whether you are inviting a vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free guest, we are renowned for making sure everyone invited gets to eat our delicious food, as long as we know in advance.

When Penny asked Hog Roast Peckham to cater her Coronation Street themed party on Saturday afternoon for forty guests, she wanted two main meats served – a hog roast made into pigs in buns and some whole-roasted chickens for those who don’t eat pork, but she also needed a vegetarian option. Our veggie skewers would do the trick, as we grill halloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes, courgette, red onion and mixed peppers and then serve in pitta bread together with our Tzatziki dip.

On the day of the fun party, the chef and team members arrived at Penny’s home, the venue, bright and early in the morning, as we would be serving early afternoon and it takes hours to cook a hog. Sometime later and both the hog and chickens were sizzling away, and we kept an eye on them as they did so.

By lunchtime, we had the skewers grilling and as lots of well-known Corrie characters started arriving, we had plenty of food waiting to be served and then completely devoured.