Flavours To Suit Any Taste and Diet With Hog Roast Romford

When Hog Roast Romford caters your special occasion, whether it’s a posh do at a luxury hotel with hundreds of guests invited or a casual get-together with a few friends at home, or anything in-between, we always do so in style. We use fresh, local ingredients to make delicious dishes that everybody will love, and not just hog and spit roasts either. While they are our speciality dishes, which our experienced, qualified chefs have perfected over many years, we also know that variety and choice are essential to our customers, to ensure that guests are well-fed, regardless of personal taste or diet.

Hog Roast Romford

When Nikki booked Hog Roast Romford for her mum Margaret’s 70th birthday a while back, she knew she wanted pigs in buns for the main course, but was concerned about her mum’s gluten intolerance. We soon relieved her concerns, however, when we told her that apart from the bread rolls, the other ingredients in our pigs in buns are already suitable, and we’d just need to bring along special rolls for her mum and she’d be able to enjoy them just like everyone else. Nikki was thrilled on behalf of her mum, as she wanted the birthday celebrant to be able to enjoy the highlight of the party – our amazing hog roast rolls, full of tender meat, crunchy crackling, apple sauce and stuffing.

On the day of Margaret’s milestone birthday, our Hog Roast Romford chef and catering assistant arrived at her home early in the afternoon, several hours before the guests were due to arrive. It takes a long time to slowly roast a hog, after preparing it from scratch, so we set up our equipment in her back garden and got cracking.

Later on in the day, after keeping a watchful eye on the hog that had been sizzling away, it was finally time for the meat to rest before carving. The twenty guests of friends and family had all arrived by 6pm, and before too long, our chef had carved the hog, ready to fill the soft bread rolls and wraps with meat, crackling and our homemade toppings, but first we made sure that Margaret had her own gluten-free hog roast rolls, which she devoured with absolute relish.