Corporate Catering With Hog Roast Barking

Hog Roast BarkingOver the years, our Hog Roast Barking experts have happily catered every kind of special occasion that you can think of, including wedding receptions and breakfasts, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, retirements and engagements, as well as many corporate functions. In terms of the latter, we can cook up a storm for anything from a small staff get-together to a huge conference of delegates, ranging from just a few guests to several hundred, and with gorgeous food to suit everyone you’re inviting, even if there are various dietary needs or personal tastes to cater for.

Regardless of the type of corporate event that you need delicious homemade food for, Hog Roast Barking will work hard to ensure that everyone can enjoy what we make, so if you need alternative main courses for all or just some of your guests, just say the word and we’ll help you to choose the best ones. You may be thinking of featuring a hog roast centrepiece but you also need spit-roasted chickens or turkeys or a hunk or lamb or beef, served either with fresh rolls and wraps, salads and coleslaw or accompanied by potatoes and vegetables, as well as our gorgeous trimmings either way, and we’re known for these as much as our signature food. If you’d like to add a few canapés to welcome your guests, or perhaps starters, sides or desserts, browse our extensive menus to find ideal ones for you and your guests and we’ll happily serve the perfect menu on the day. Plus we have our own standalone menus on offer, including our Traditional Barbecue, Alfresco, Loaded Fries and Southern Slow Roast.

You may also need dishes for certain diets, such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, and we have some truly tasty possibilities, like vegetarian skewers made from halloumi and veg, served with Tzatziki and sweet chilli, or vegan pulled jackfruit buns with slaw on the side, and we can even make our specialty pigs in buns gluten-free.

For your next corporate event, choosing Hog Roast Barking will be a wise decision to make, so call us today to see how we can cater for you and all of your guests.