All About Our Hog Roast Arkley Southern Slow Roast Menu

When it comes to deciding on the perfect menu for your particular special occasion, Hog Roast Arkley can help you to do so, or you can tell us exactly what you’re thinking of, but one of our own standalone menus may instead be just the ticket. Whether you’re planning a birthday party for a family member, your wedding day together with friends and family, a corporate function for either hundreds of people or just a few, or anything else at all, our standalones are a great way to satisfy you and your guests with gorgeous homemade food that will tickle your taste buds and create lasting memories for everyone involved.

We have several Hog Roast Arkley standalone menus on offer, including our Alfresco, Loaded Fries, Traditional Barbecue and Southern Slow Roast, and this blog is all about the latter, which features three marinated meat mains and four hot or cold side dishes, and you get to decide on all of them in advance when you book with us.

Hog Roast Arkley Our Southern Slow Roast is a feast for all the senses, as the meats look mouth watering while slow-cooking to perfection, smell amazing and taste scrumptious too, so whichever mains you select, we’re sure you and your guests will love them. You can choose three from barbecued pork butt, minted lamb, Cajun chickens with a bit of a kick, spare ribs and brisket of beef, and they come with a trio of tasty sauces on the day, including a very hot Cajun pepper sauce, a smokEy sweet barbecue glaze and a hickory bourbon barbecue sauce.

In terms of sides, choose your four favourites from gourmet coleslaw, potato salad, a Greek salad, a green leaf salad, corn cobettes, mac and cheese, a selection of seasonal vegetables, roasted baby new potatoes and a combo of traditional and sweet potato fries, and we’ll freshly prepare them on the day and serve with condiments, rolls and wraps.

For this stunning menu or a completely different one if preferred, call our experts at Hog Roast Arkley today and we’ll help you to choose the ideal one for you and all of your guests.