Grab Your Easter Surprise With Hog Roast Ballykelly Today

Hog Roast BallykellyOrdering an event dining experience with Hog Roast Ballykelly is always a great treat, but did you know that sometimes you can get even more for your money with us if you time your order right?

If you have a look at any of our social channels you will see that we quite often run special promotions around seasonal events and holidays. Things like Halloween, Easter, sometimes Christmas, are times when we know that a lot of people are probably going to be more likely to be looking for event catering. To help them out we like to offer special promotions for those that book with us at a certain time, just to give a little something back for all the excellent custom we get at these times of year. These promotions tend to be in the form of an additional bonus with your bonus for free. When making a new booking within a certain time period, or for a certain time period, we will often throw inn an excellent mystery treat with your order.

Hog Roast BallykellyThis can come in a few forms – maybe an extra side, free dessert, an extra tray of pulled pork, who knows – with the guarantee always that you are going to love it. It’s not much, but it’s a simple free thank you for choosing Hog Roast Ballykelly amongst the mass of other caterers out there.

With Easter coming up we have another one of these promotions available right now. Easter is an excellent time to gather friends and family for a delicious shared meal, and the roast is a perfect choice for the season. Right now, if you order from Hog Roast Ballykelly for any time in March then you will get an extra easter gift with your order. The event doesn’t have to be at or for Easter; it just has to be a new order for any day in March and the treat is yours. We won’t say what the treat is quite yet. You’ll just have to wait for the day of your event for that, but trust us, it’s worth it!

So, come grab your free Easter surprise with Hog Roast Ballykelly today!