Hog Roast Ballykelly– No Better Way to Enjoy the Sun Than With a Hog Roast Ballykelly Barbecue!

The latest crop of summery weather has certainly been a pleasant surprise for us all. When moment it was icy winds and blustery weather now all of a sudden we seem to be enjoying a mini heatwave with hotter temperatures and sunny days once again. Not that we’ll be complaining here at Hog Roast Ballykelly too hard! Winter is over; let the spring and summer time begin!

When the sun shines in Britain we all know that that means it is time for a classic barbecue. Those sunny days can be so few and far between as is, so why risk missing your chance to enjoy it to its fullest with great company and the best type of food around. That, at least, certainly seems to have been the sentiment shared amongst many of Hog Roast Ballykelly’s customers these past few weeks as many have rushed to acquire our barbecue catering services as quick as they could.

One such barbecue event that we were able to attend just this past weekend was with long-time Hog Roast Ballykelly customer Georgia and her fellow teacher colleagues and friends. Having worked all week at school Georgia and her colleagues wanted to let loose a little, and the sun coming was just the perfect excuse to get the sunglasses and barbecues out. Georgia, however, knows that there is a better way to enjoy this old British classic than a disposable barbecue grill shopped from the local supermarket, and shop bought burgers and sausages. As a loyal customer she of course knew that instead she could call Hog Roast Ballykelly and get our gourmet barbecue range delivered to a location of her choosing.

Hog Roast BallykellyThe teacher group gathered in Georgia’s garden wherein Our Catering Manager got to work stylishly cooking up a whole range of brilliant barbecued foods. With our Hog Master machine so much can be cooked up at once, so the party of 15 enjoyed plentiful helpings of our gourmet sausages, handmade burgers, chicken kebabs, BBQ marinated spareribs, gluten free rolls, BBQ pulled jackfruit, Greek salad, homemade coleslaw, and our freshly made chips. All of course served up in brilliant style via Hog Roast Ballykelly’s excellent service team.

What better a way to enjoy the sun, and you could share in this delightful experience too by calling Hog Roast Ballykelly today!