Hog Roast Erith – Catering For A Football Team

Sunday we didn’t have far to travel catering for our local football team presentation afternoon with Hog Roast Erith. The under 18’s were hosting the yearly awards and we were honoured to be asked to cater! They wanted a pig and a very big pig it was too! A rather small affair to what we are used to catering for. Seventy-five in total hungry footballers and feeding them straight after a friendly match so it was time to get started whilst they played their game.

 0-Hosted in the local pub and a private room hired we began. We placed the huge pig on the machine and set to work on the spicy roasted potatoes to go with the meat and some sweet potato wedges too. We prepared a huge seasonal salad with lots of dips and some corn skewers heaps of big rolls and coleslaw were placed out on the tables and we were ready. Soon the doors flung open and in came the hungry players. One player saying he had just died and gone to heaven after tasting the crackling!

Soon all were piling up their plates and sampling all the dishes the pork was never ending as we carved so much meat but with big appetites to feed it didn’t last long. The salads were a lovely addition to the meat we made potato salad too with a lovely warm dressing and the potatoes and wedges soon disappeared as the players finished eating and took to their seats to hear the coach read out the names of the awards I could see lots were ready for a sleep, food coma one or two had by looking at them. We handed out our pamphlets to the players who were asking for them and lots of interest was had in our menus so we are most definitely expecting a call from one or two. We stayed and watched the cups and medals get presented and had a lovely afternoon and I think one or two of us were ready for a nap too by time we finished. Its been a long hard weekend but an enjoyable one at that for Hog Roast Erith.

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