Hog Roast Fulham – Anniversary Celebrations

These days more often than not couples don’t go the distance anymore, whether that’s due to differing work schedules, personal issues or even distance itself. This is what makes it all the more lovely when we get to cater at peoples anniversaries as we did this weekend for Gary and Emily. Gary had phoned us up wanting to arrange something special for his wife as they had now been married for thirty years and he thought it was about time he stepped up. Funnily enough, however, the next day we also received a call from Emily! She also wanted to arrange something special for Gary, telling us it was usually up to her to arrange the celebrations. Our Hog Roast Fulham team decided that we would let this play out on the day, with Gary and Emily both believing they had arranged for us to be there showing that they really are still on the same wavelength all this time later!

Hog Roast Fulham

Luckily for us and to avoid further complications both Gary and Emily ordered the same menu! This was our classic Hog Roast Fulham rolls. These rolls consist of our slow roasted hog which we delicately carve and place into freshly baked floured rolls. This is topped with our tarte but ever so sweet applesauce. The pièce de résistance is always our crunchy crackling. Our chef creates this perfectly every time by ensuring he carefully scores the meat with a sharp knife before roasting. He also applies some water and sea salt, massaging it into the skin which is what ensures it all crisps up into that delicious crackling.

The day of the anniversary arrived, and we were able to set up in the family homes garden. As we got the meat onto roast both Gary and Emily came out to say hello and thank us for coming. It turns out that neither of them could keep a secret from the other and so they had known for a while that they had double booked us! It was great from our point of view just to see a couple so in love after thirty years and still going strong. Happy anniversary!