Hog Roast Kensal Town Allowing You To Treat Your Guests To Something Special

Hog Roast Kensal Town Our Hog Roast Kensal Town standalone menus are ones we created ourselves in order for you to impress your party guests with something a little bit unique that also means you don’t have the stress of having to decide on the menu yourself, as it’s already set out for you. We have four tasty standalones in total – our Alfresco, Loaded Fries, Southern Slow Roast and Barbecue – each with the wow factor, each includes lovely food made out of fresh, local, high-quality ingredients, and we make all the food fresh on the day of your special occasion too.

We introduced our Italian-style Alfresco menu last year and it’s shown to be highly popular with its three courses, including antipasti platters to start. We serve the platters to seated guests and they include fine Italian meats, cheeses and breads, and then follow with a buffet-style hog roast main that comes with sides of salads and potatoes. We then end the scrumptious meal with a choice of homemade desserts, like our summer pudding and profiteroles or cheesecake and lemon tart, which are all served with cream. For something a bit more simple, our one-course Hog Roast Kensal Town Loaded Fries may be just the ticket instead, and they come smothered with meat and slaw (you get to choose in advance from pulled pork or brisket of beef, as well as either a zesty or spicy slaw) and we also top with melting cheese and jalapenos for a bit of a kick too.

You may well fancy our Hog Roast Kensal Town Southern Slow Roast instead, which features a trio of meats that are marinated in our special rubs, such as our pork butt, beef brisket, spicy chickens, sticky pork ribs or minted lamb, served along with four sides, such as coleslaw, potato salad, corn cobettes and mac and cheese or fries, seasonal vegetables, a Greek salad and roasted new potatoes. And lastly, our traditional-style Barbecue includes British beef burgers, gourmet sausages, ribs and kebabs, as well as chips and salads, and any of these menus can include options for special diets if needed.

For our standalones or something entirely different, contact us today!