Hog Roast Twickenham For 1000 Guests!

We at Hog Roast Twickenham cater for every event imaginable and life is never dull!

This week we were very excited as we were catering for the opening of a new water park and expecting a crowd of 1000. As we pulled up to the building we couldn’t help but stare it looked quite simply breathtaking all glass and very high tech. We were met by the management team and shown into a lovely airy room to cater from. We quickly started unloading the machines and setting up the preparation table we get straight on with the job as soon as we arrive everyone knows in advance what they will be doing and it always goes to plan.

Chickens and a nice piece of lamb were being put on to cook then we would shred the meat and place it in buns, on our prep table our staff were making a wonderful coleslaw and bowls of salads. With it being a big event we also baked fresh for the day some pork pies and sausage rolls using only the finest meat and placed the food on the table ready to feed the crowd when they arrived with our lovely Hog Roast Twickenham. The meat just fell of the bone and we shredded it and placed it on huge servers the smell was just amazing and the meat so fresh and moist just looking at it makes your mouth water! Soon in came the crowds and we were filling up the luscious meat into buns and guests helped them selves to salads and the likes and thoroughly enjoyed tasting the Hog Roast Twickenham we had prepared. Lots were asking us if we had some cards, as they too would be interested in us catering for them as always we produced a stack and always come prepared, as we know guests will be asking for them. The management team couldn’t thank us enough and said they were very impressed at our food and how we seemed to make it look so easy feeding the crowds we said we take it in our stride and good preparation and planning makes a good job and we do that on every event big or small.

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