Hog Roast Woolwich – London Marathon

It was Sunday the 22nd of April and the London Marathon was taking place. A large group of people from Woolwich had come to London to take part in the marathon and had brought a lot of supporters with them, a coach full in fact had travelled down the day before. The weather was fantastic with the sun belting down. People who normally wore comedy costumes had been warned by the organisers not to do this year for health and safety reasons due to the weather conditions. It was said to be the hottest day on record for a long time for the London Marathon and the hottest day in April since records began. Not the best weather to run a marathon in but fantastic for anybody watching.

Volunteers were on standby along the route with water bottles for runners as well as the usual water stations. The supporting group had hired a Hogmaster Machine from Hog Roast Woolwich and taken it with them to make a day of it with a celebratory meal afterwards. There was plenty of time to cook a small side of pig while the marathon was taking place. Hog Roast Woolwich had also provided the pig and prepared it to make it easier for when the group arrived. This meant that they didn’t have to travel down to London with the pig.

The marathon started as usual with the professional runners first. The charity runners were lined up waiting at the start line with many having at least half a mile to do before they even got to the start line. There was plenty of time to spit roast the pig and still enjoy the day. Salads were prepared and rolls cut ready for the pulled pork. A large container with ice was filled with wine bottles. Hog Roast Woolwich had also provided a marquee which helped keep the sun of the food and also let people escape from the hot sun. It was almost coming to the end of the marathon and everybody who had taken part had their medal to prove it. Some were suffering from heat stroke as well as exhaustion. Paramedics and St Johns ambulance were on standby for anybody who needed help. With everyone finished the food could now be served.

Meat that more or less fell off the bone was served to starving runners on breaded rolls. One guy said ‘there is no better food than a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with all the trimmings and good wine to finish off a London Marathon’.

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