Hog Roast Addiscombe – Charity Event

This weekend we at Hog Roast Addiscombe are proud to announce that we will be providing the food for a truly inspirational organisation helping them raise money to help the awareness and also, the prevention of Homelessness across the UK.

You see, food is seen as the life of the party or, any event you can think about whether it be, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day it’s all very much around food and I question at times why is that? And the ultimate answer is, that we have this emotional attachment towards food, we hold memories with certain foods such as; Fish and Chips when you think about Fish and Chips what’s the first thought that comes into your Head?

Are you ready for my answer…? I always think about the Beach or sitting by the Beach Side with the Battered Fish and Chips wrapped in Newspaper, the sound of the Seagulls above the Blue Sky as they cry out to each other as I gaze upon the tired Sun making it’s beautiful departure with its Orange toned Skyline, watching the Sun Setting as you watch the Waves gently collide into one another and it almost feels therapeutic to watch and hear the sounds of the Ocean and then the wonders of what is, the Ocean creeps into your Mind and leaves the sense of mystery as you enjoy the Saltiness of the Sea on your Wooden Fork.

You see, here at Hog Roast Addiscombe our passion is food and ultimately Family, Friends and creating memories and our aim is to be as supportive to the Community as we possibly can. The location for this event is set in the country in Addiscombe which is already a thumbs up for me as we are now in spring and there is something about the spring energy isn’t there? That sense of renewing and the Cardigan type weather, where now it’s possible to sit outside and enjoy a glass of Sparkling Water with a dash of Lemon or even better enjoy your Hog Roast too! We will be hosting outside of this beautiful venue, surrounded by berry tree’s and green fields and in the distance, you’ll be able to see the baby lambs, horses and all of the farmhouse animals.

You’ll be able to smell the succulent hog, roasting gently away as you sip on the crisp zinfandel rose and as you get a little peckish you will enjoy nibbling one of our many highly recommended Salmon and Cream Cheese canapes from Hog Roast Addiscombe to keep you going throughout the Day as we all share our abundance with the charity and those in need.

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