Hog Roast Mayfair for a Murder Mystery Meal!

The Hog Roast Mayfair team found ourselves embroiled in an evening of intrigue and suspense last week when we were asked to cater for a Murder Mystery themed dinner! The scene of the crime was the function room of a local hotel, which was putting on its first ‘meal and murder’ evening in an effort to draw in a larger mid-week crowd. They needed caterers who could provide a fabulous fresh 3 course meal that could be paced exactly right to fit with the evening’s proceedings. Because Hog Roast Mayfair always matches our style of service to the requirements of the event, we are able to provide a combination of table and buffet service, which is exactly what the hotel manager wanted. After liaising with the murder mystery company who we were working alongside, our usual suspects (i.e. the catering team and waiting staff!) planned the timing of the service to fit perfecting with evening’s mysterious events.

We served our wholesome, homemade soup right on cue as the echo of the victim’s bloodcurdling scream could still be heard in the dining room!  Even though we were expecting it and knew it was all in good fun, it still gave us a bit of a start! Not so much so that it knocked us off our stride though, as we always remain focused and professional regardless of what is going on around us! After enjoying the starter, the guests were subjected to more mystery and mayhem from the actors, whilst we had our own main protagonist hard at work: the chef, at the serving table, with the carving knife! The juicy pork, warm new potatoes and seasonal vegetables were all soon ready and waiting for the would-be sleuths to investigate. As planned, the buffet style main course gave them all the opportunity to put their heads together about the clues they had been presented with as they mingled at the buffet table, and when they returned to their seats, we heard as many oohs and aahs about the main course as we did from them when the victim screamed!

As the meal and the mystery came to an end, it turned out we were all completely wrong about the identity of the murderer, but there was certainly no debate over whodunit when it came to the quality of Hog Roast Mayfair’s catering and how well it complimented the fun and intriguing theme of the evening!

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