A Traditional Hog Roast Redbridge Wedding Feast

Once you feast your eyes on a traditional Hog Roast Redbridge centrepiece hog roast, which will have sizzled away to perfection for hours on end, slowly but surely, until it produces soft and tender meat and crunchy salty crackling, you won’t want to wait to dig in. The amazing aromas also draw you in but it’s the taste sensation that will keep you hooked. We get a lot of emphatic ‘wows’ when we present one of our mouthwatering hog roasts, whether as a plated meal together with fresh veg and potatoes, as well as all the trimmings, or as pigs in buns, where we cram the meat, crackling, stuffing and apple sauce inside soft rolls and wraps.

Hog Roast RedbridgeNevertheless, Hog Roast Redbridge fully understands that sometimes our customers want or need alternative or additional dishes in order to satisfy all their guests, and we’ll make you proud whatever your requirements. Ask us in advance about options for special diets or alternative meat dishes, and we’ll work together with you to help you create the menu of your dreams. From Spanish quiche to veggie skewers and various salads to a spit-roast or barbecued meat, we really do have something for everyone when it comes to alternatives. We also offer special menus for something that bit different, like our Loaded Fries or Southern Slow Roast.

In terms of supplemental dishes, we can make various handmade canapés, starters, sides and desserts, so you have the choice of us catering with a simple (albeit scrumptious) main, adding a side or two or having several options prepared, cooked and served to you and your guests. Your wish is our command!

For a wedding reception meal that Hog Roast Redbridge catered on Saturday, we made a great feast, with canapés, starters, a main and sides all featuring for this couple’s special day. We held a drinks reception and served canapés of gourmet sausages, chicken satay, wild mushroom bouchees, smoked salmon, tiger prawns and halloumi kebabs, starters of soup and Parma ham, and piles of pigs in buns, wedges and coleslaw for the main event, and by the end of service, everything had been stripped clean.