Hog Roast Sidcup for a Folk Dance Evening!

Here at Hog Roast Sidcup, we love meeting people who enjoy keeping local traditions alive, which is why we were thrilled when we were asked to cater for a local folk dance evening! Because we use an age-old cooking technique to prepare our meat, they thought one of our hog roasts would be the ideal culinary accompaniment to the evening and we agreed!

Hog Roast Sidcup

The reason we have adopted the traditional slow-roasting method is because it achieves an unrivalled level of flavour and succulence, and by combining this cooking method with modern equipment and contemporary menus, we can provide fabulous food that is ideal for any themed event!

We arrived at the venue several hours before the dance was due to start because we always cook everything from scratch on-site using the finest locally-sourced ingredients available. Our chef spent the day giving our superior, ethically-reared pork to care and attention it needed until it was falling off the bone and ready to be carved. As the dance got underway, the folk fans were having a great time and our buffet style service allowed everyone to tuck into our unbeatable hog roast sandwiches in between dances. They all must have worked up an appetite because lots of people also came back for seconds! One of our hog roasts in the ideal way of feeding a lot of people and there is always plenty to go around!

Our sociable catering assistants enjoyed chatting to everyone and learning more about the traditional dances that were being performed, whilst also making sure everyone was served quickly. When we’re on the case, no one has to worry about missing out on anything because they’re standing in a queue- the efficient Hog Roast Sidcup team always maintain a consistently high standard of service from start to finish, however busy our serving table gets!

Everyone loved our slow-roasted pork and agreed that it was the ideal choice for the folk dance evening as it complemented the theme perfectly. It was a really fun event and the Hog Roast Sidcup had a great time keeping everyone well-fed throughout the evening!