Hog Roast Alfriston Helped Proud New Parents Celebrate Their Daughter’s Christening

With storm after storm battering the country and threatening to put a stop to whatever plans you have scheduled, Hog Roast Alfriston is here to save the day with our range of irresistible catering packages which can be tailored to suit any occasion. While the majority of hog roasting machines need access to mains electricity or are strictly for outdoor use, our state of the art cooking equipment runs on gas and can be used anywhere. This means that no matter what the weather has in store for us all, you can always rely on our catering crew to deliver an exceptional feast!

Hog Roast AlfristonWhile the rain pelted down over the weekend, Hog Roast Alfriston travelled to a local church where we were asked to serve our southern slow roast menu to a group of 110 people who had been invited to a Christening. As proud new parents, Christine and Callum were eager to give their baby girl, Ava a wonderful welcome into both their family and their faith, and determined not to let the weather put a dampener on such a special occasion, they had entrusted the details of their event with us.

Keen to impress the couple and ensure that all of their guests would feel included and catered for, our team had recommended adding meat-free sausages and gluten-free rolls to the largely meat-focused menu, along with grilled veggie skewers which Christine and Callum thought was a wonderful idea.

Before the family arrived, Hog Roast Alfriston set up the cooking equipment and began preparing the buffet in one of the Church’s function halls. The room was soon filled with the delicious scents of BBQ pork butt, cajun spiced whole roast chickens and Texan 24 hour beef brisket and as the meat finished cooking over a low flame, they whipped up the potato side dish, colourful salads and the meatless alternatives.

Following an eventful and emotional morning, Christine, Callum and their guests were keen to satisfy their growing appetites, and when they made their way into the after-party hall, which had been decorated with pink balloons, they were grateful to see that Hog Roast Alfriston had a delicious spread ready and waiting for them which couldn’t have gone down better – even if we do say so ourselves!