Hog Roast Richmond Allowing You To Cook Your Own Hog From Scratch!  

Hog Roast Richmond often hires out our own range of trusty hog roast machines to budding chefs, as well as seasoned professional caterers like ourselves. We designed our machines with ease of use in mind, so whether you’re a pro or not, hiring one of ours means simplicity, while not compromising on great-tasting, perfectly-cooked food, and not just hog or spit roasts, as you can use them to cook all kinds of food. While your meat is sizzling away at the top of the machine, you could have all kinds of vegetables and potatoes cooking away inside, for example, as they work like conventional ovens, so you could even throw a pizza in there if you fancy!

Hog Roast RichmondRenting with Hog Roast Richmond includes the expertise and knowledge of one of our chefs, who delivers and collects the machine from you as part of the all-inclusive price. We walk you through exactly how to use it and how to get the best out of it for the food that you’re cooking with it, and we can even supply the meat if needed, for an additional cost. This is the same fresh, high-quality meat that we use when catering, sourced from our trusted local suppliers, so you can be assured of a high grade and great taste.

Hog Roast Richmond recently hired out one of our machines to Richard, who had been recommended to us by a colleague. We’re always glad of recommendations, and in this case, Richard’s colleague had recently rented one of our machines to use for his own catering business and was so impressed that he has been thinking of buying one. Richard is also a catering pro who has been thinking of providing hog and spit roasts for weddings and events, and decided to try it out for himself first, with his family.

One of our chefs took along a machine to Richard’s home over the weekend, and after showing him the ropes, left him to his own devices to cook a small hog from scratch. When we went to collect the machine, Richard told us he was already hooked on this way of cooking, so we think he’ll be hiring from us again very soon.