So much choice when it comes to a Hog Roast Sidcup Menu

As a society, we love being given choices however, when there are too many good selections to choose from deciding can be hard! Especially when you are having to take into consideration another’s opinion.

Hog Roast Sidcup has such a delicious selection of canapés, it can be difficult to come to a decision, therefore below are a run through of all the choices to show you what to expect and hopefully then you can make a definite decision!

  • Fillet of beef – a pan seared fillet steak cooked to perfection, sliced, and rolled into a mini-Yorkshire pudding with a dash of horseradish cream. It is a party of great flavour and sophistication in the mouth and is always a crowd pleaser with guests.
  • Hog Roast Sidcup Gourmet sausage – mini homemade pork sausages smothered in a scrumptious honey and mustard sauce, served on sticks to avoid any sticky fingers! Completely delicious!
  • Smoked Salmon – a layered canapé starting with soft brown bread with a squirt of cream cheese or a spread of butter depending on what you like, layered with Scottish smoked salmon strips, and finished with a sprinkling of fresh dill, cracked pepper and a squirt of fresh lemon juice. This canapé compliments welcome drinks such as Prosecco well!
  • Beer battered mini Fish and Chips – homemade beer-batter blanketing fresh cod chunks and fried to make the batter crisp, served with a chip and creamy tartare dipping sauce.
  • Chicken Satay Skewers – pieces of chicken marinated in a Malaysian peanut satay sauce, served on a skewer. Hog Roast Sidcup sometimes does a mixture of chicken skewers such as tikka flavouring or sweet chilli favouring as well to cater for any nut allergies.
  • Mini pizza – who doesn’t like pizza?! Usually Hog Roast Sidcup goes with simple but tasty cheese and tomato pizza with a fresh basil leaf or chives on top. Especially good for children and vegetarian guests but goes down well with everyone!
  • Roasted Duck – a medley of crispy duck spring rolls and a wrap filled with flavoursome ginger infused duck and beansprouts, served with a Hoi Sin dipping sauce.
  • Roasted Halloumi and Tomato Crostini – a crostini topped with sweet tomato salsa and a piece of dreamy halloumi finished with a dash of red onion marmalade.
  • Chicken Liver Parfait – Chicken pate served on a garlic infused croute with a spoonful of red onion marmalade.
  • Indian selection – this canapé is always a party pleaser with guests, usually includes vegetable samosas, vegetable pakoras and onion bhaji’s served with a mango chutney dip. All the Indian favourites nibbles!
  • Mini quiche – a selection of fillings in a delicate pastry case, the favourite flavours are quiche Lorraine, cheese and onion, and broccoli, and stilton.

If you still can’t decide, then why not enquire, and book a tasting session?