Vegetarian Options – Hog Roast Barking

We had a telephone call mid week asking if we offer a vegetarian menu  with our hog roast Barking, which of course we do and the couple wanted us to come at short notice as the people she had booked had let her down last minute and we said we would be happy to help.

So we rallied around got the menu sorted and before we could blink we were there! The party was for a young lad turning 18 and several of his guests were vegetarian we made chicken and lamb for the meat eating guests and on another machine we used just for the vegetarian food we placed rows of vegetable skewers on the machine which would be enjoyed by all and some potatoes which we were making some vegetarian fillings. We filled the tables with lots of fresh wraps in an assortment of flavours- our bakers go out of their way to make the freshest buns and wraps for us and love to experiment with herbs in some of the wraps.

After an hour or so the birthday boy arrived full of smiles and thanked us for coming at such short notice he was very impressed as he looked at the table we had set out with the vegetarian food an assortment of lovely vegetable skewers, jacket potatoes and several filings lots of lovely sauces and a lovely freshly baked cheese and onion quiche which is always a big hit amongst previous guests.

The hog roast Barking was cooked to perfection and the guests enjoyed the food and the young lads family couldn’t thank us enough and called us “Heros” for saving the day now that’s a first and we all had a good chuckle. The vegetable skewers were a big success and are simple and easy to make but enjoyed by all. The vegetarian guests asked if we had some cards and we said of course we always carry lots and they were telling us how hard it is to get people to cater for meat eating guests and vegetarian guests but we said we had done it lots of times which we had. We all were ready for a sleep as we collapsed in the van but a great day and happy guests make happy caterers here at hog roast Barking.