What are Hog Roast Belmont’s top 5 main courses?

When picking the right caterer for your event, there are three important factors: price, location and menu. If one of these factors are not right, then you need to keep looking. At Hog Roast Belmont we have no problems with our menu since we have such a large variety of dishes on offer. We have something for everyone to enjoy and can meet any dietary preference or requirement. Here are just 5 of our incredible main courses…

Slow-roasted pig

Our most popular main course is a Hog Roast Belmont classic. Slow-roasted pig is a delicious main course and is one that is suitable for all kinds of events. It appeals to so many guests and is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Beef sirloin steak

We cook our steaks to your liking, to ensure that every guest is satisfied with their main course. This includes providing a variety of incredible accompaniments, including rich red wine gravy.

hog roast Belmont

Handmade beef burgers

This option is perfect for family-friendly or informal events since they are such a classic dish. Our burgers are handmade from 100% British beef, ensuring quality with every mouthful.

Spit-roasted lamb

English lamb is of excellent quality and spit-roasting the meat ensures an even and delicious finish to the meat. Our lamb is served with Yorkshire puddings and mint sauce- which are both incredible accompaniments!

Whole-roasted chicken

Serving free-range chicken is a great option for any event since it is a dish that most guests will enjoy. They are rubbed with a delicious spice mix and whole-roasted to lock in natural juices and flavours. Hog Roast Belmont serve our chicken with homemade stuffing and chipolata sausages, to create a delicious main course!

Hopefully, one of these delicious dishes appeals to you. If not, don’t worry! We have over 7 different menus, each filled with delicious main courses for you to choose from. To book your catering with Hog Roast Belmont, simply let us know your event date, location and party size, and we can begin to prepare your perfect menu.