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When you choose Hog Roast Barking for your event catering needs, you get so much more than just food. We serve amazing food, food that will be remembered by you and all of your guests for a long time to come, and with dozens of additional and alternative dishes on offer, we’ll make sure that all of your guests’ tastes and diets will be covered. What you also get with Hog Roast Barking is first-rate service, each and every time. No matter the formality of your special occasion, the number of people invited or the location of your venue, we treat all of our customers the same, because we think everyone deserves a treat.

Jonathan recently treated his friends and family to our gorgeous pigs in buns, after calling us to make sure we could cater his party. While we recommend that you book in advance, in particular for special holiday days, that doesn’t mean that we can’t cater your event or party if you decide to have one last-minute or if another caterer lets you down and you need us to save the day. If we’re already booked up, there are other franchises who are likely able to help, so always ask us, whether well in advance or nearer to the time.

Jonathan’s party was a last-minute decision as he had just been promoted out of the blue and wanted to celebrate with his loved ones with some tasty grub. Having hired us in the past to cater at his home, Jonathan knew what everyone would love served, and that’s our hog roast rolls – what we call pigs in buns. With fresh bread rolls crammed full of freshly-cooked pork, crackling, and our homemade duo of apple sauce and stuffing, he knew he would impress his guests no end.

On the day of the do in Jonathan’s back garden, Hog Roast Barking arrived hours before service to roast the hog from scratch, and by 6.30pm, it was time to serve the hungry guests. A couple of hours later and the hog was stripped clean and there were many satisfied faces as we cleared away.


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