Hog Roast Brixton Host A School Reunion!

After almost twenty years since leaving High school the class of 1998 were having a reunion party to see what everyone had got up to in the last few decades. Hog Roast Brixton were invited to cater, and we looked forward to seeing everyone’s old school photos and whether old pals had remained friends over […]

Hog Roast Barking – Private Party Perfection

Hog Roast Barking were delighted when we were approached by a client to cater for around 80 people at a private party.  We have a wide variety of menus to choose from for this type of event and to suit every clients’ requirements and in this case, the client wanted us to serve our Southern […]

Local Charity Netball Tournament Complete with Hog Roast Chigwell!

Last weekend marked one of the biggest events in Chigwell’s amateur sporting calendar; the ladies charity netball tournament. Teams from across Chigwell had competed in the weeks running up to Saturday for a chance to win the trophy and now it all came down to the last few games that would decide it all… While […]

A Refurbished Piano Bar Put On A Hog Roast New Malden Feast!

Hog Roast New Malden were getting all cultural last Friday night when we were catering for the relaunch party of a swanky riverside piano bar! The bar had always been rather plush, but the owners decided it needed an overhaul so their patrons could benefit from both the live piano music and the stunning quayside […]

Catering A VIP Experience At A Local Off-Road Adventure Centre!

A centre offering adrenalin junkies exciting off-road driving experiences had just done a special prize draw promotion, giving the winners a free pass for the day. They wanted to give their clients a full VIP experience complete with food and refreshments, but their basic café was not equipped to cater for an elaborate meal. They […]

Hog Roast for a local Climbing Club!

The Hog Roast Wembley team found ourselves cooking at a high altitude recently, when we were asked to provide some of our excellent slow-roasted pork for a group of climbers! The plan was for them to complete one of their traditional summer climbs, with us being there at the summit to greet them with a […]

Hog Roast Wedding Feast for a Vegetarian Bride and Groom!

No that isn’t a typo- last weekend we were asked to provide the catering at a lovely outdoor wedding reception for a bride and groom who are both vegetarian! They chose Hog Roast White City because of our growing reputation as a well-rounded catering option for weddings, with the ability to provide not only magnificent […]

BBQ Catering For A 21st Party in Finchley!

The best way to live is to make sure you enjoy what you do, and we at Hog Roast Finchley love what we do! The services that we offer excite us and putting smiles on our customers faces at the end of each day makes the job so much more rewarding. We meet so many […]

Hog Roast for a Battle Re-enactment In Hampton!

The plucky Hog Roast Hampton team found ourselves catering in the middle of a battlefield recently, which proves beyond any doubt that we really can cook anywhere! It wasn’t the first time we had been there either- for the third year running we had been asked to provide one of our traditional hog roasts for […]

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