Hog Roast Dulwich

There really is no better way to feed a large group than a hog roast. You can easily provide 80 guests with tasty meat. It really is divine served in soft rolls, and some applesauce, with a piece of crispy crackling on the side.

Hog Roast DulwichThe Hog Roast Dulwich chefs love to provide as much choice as possible. That is why we will happily cook other meats such as turkey, roast beef, lamb, chops, steaks and suckling pig. You name it; we can usually cook it for you.

The fact that our spit roasters can just as easily be loaded with a row of turkeys as a whole hog means we can even provide a Christmas themed feast or the appropriate food for other important celebrations. These machines also convert into barbecue grills, so we can cook that style of food too. That includes items like veggie burgers and sausages.

If you want the spit-roasted and barbecued foods can be served alongside a buffet. Our trays of finger foods are inspired by the cuisines of many cultures, so you are bound to find a mix that works for everyone. We can also prepare salads, steamed vegetables and side dishes and in catering quantities.

Weddings catered for with Hog Roast Dulwich

Over the years, the Hog Roast Dulwich team has provided the food for many weddings. Our front of house and waiting staff really know how to look after everyone. As you can see, whether you want a meal for your family and friends, or a feast for a corporate event, we can provide it.

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No matter what the occasion, our Hog Roast Team can tailor a catering experience to suit any needs and requirements. Just get in touch to learn more.